Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope.

Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope. Part 1. Here are some marketing techniques that almost always fail.
Direct Mail for Lead Generation
Logic: You’ve received a hundred emails promising you “Million-Dollar Leads”. What’s the harm in buying some leads and mailing them all a letter? After all, “if I only get one client out of it, it’ll be worth it.”
Why It Doesn’t Work: First, at best the list might be 50% to 80% accurate. Second, because of modern-day “Do Not Call” restrictions, you can’t call them – which is considerably more effective (and less expensive) than direct mail. Third, FINRA advertising rules make it very difficult to create a compelling message. In order to have an effective direct mail campaign, you have to market a product (not a service), and the product must have a demonstrable benefit…like a guaranteed return. That is clearly not going to fly.


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