Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope.

Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope. Part 3. Here are some marketing techniques that almost always fail.
Appointment Generating Services
Logic: You receive a phone call from an “Appointment Generating Service” – they promise to call qualified investors who are not on the “Do Not Call” lists, interest them in your service, and schedule an appointment in your office. “If I only get one client out of it, it’ll be worth it.”
Why It Doesn’t Work: What planet are you living on? 72% of all Americans are on the “National Do Not Call Registry”, and I’m willing to bet that the other 28% are probably not very wealthy or smart…otherwise they would have been smart enough to visit http://www.donotcall.gov to add their phone number. Also, what makes you think that a $12-per-hour telemarketer can build rapport and confidence with a high net worth investor?


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