Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope.

Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope. Part 4. Here are some marketing techniques that almost always fail.
Yellow Pages Advertising
Logic: “I’ve gotta do something…and all these other Financial Advisors are listed in there…someone must be calling on these people. If I only get one client out of it, it’ll be worth it.”
Why It Doesn’t Work: I’m a little unusual, as I haven’t looked in the Yellow Pages in over 4 years. Before that, I opened up my local Yellow Pages about once a year. Traditional Yellow Pages advertising is plummeting. Online advertising thru Google Local, YellowPages.com, etc., is accelerating because sophisticated, wealthy people are more likely to search online than browse through the Yellow Pages. I’m sure that 1 of 1,000 Financial Advisors can share how they got a $500,000 senior from a Yellow Pages ad, but I think your odds of winning the lottery are probably better.


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