Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope.

Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope. Part 5. Here are some marketing techniques that almost always fail.
Radio Advertising
Logic: Every Financial Advisor knows at least one other advisor who has made it big on Radio – not by buying 30-second spots, but hosting a 30- to 60-minute show. You’ve heard these shows; you are surely smarter than them and can give more solid advice. It’s a little expensive but…”If I only get one client out of it, it’ll be worth it.”
Why It Doesn’t Work: There are two major keys to being successful on the radio: Personality & Station. You either have the personality for radio or you don’t. Finding the right station is critical and there is no science to it. Some very successful Advisors who have used Radio have not been able to replicate their success in new markets or after a year or two away from the mike. Also, you gotta know that Radio is gonna generate 99 people who want to perform small trade stocks or bonds for every 1 who wants to rollover their 401(k).


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