Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope.

Wasted Time. Wasted Money. Wasted Hope. Part 6. Here are some marketing techniques that almost always fail.
TV Advertising
Logic: “The local cable company will give me X hundred 30-second spots for only X thousand dollars – what a deal. Everyone in town will see me (and be very impressed with how important/successful I am). If I only get one client out of it, it’ll be worth it.”
Why It Doesn’t Work: How many times in your life have you written down a phone number from a TV Commercial and called it? Maybe once or twice, maybe zero. Wealthy, sophisticated investors are just as discriminating as you are, and equally wary of responding to TV Commercials. Bottom Line: In my twelve years of working with Financial Advisors, I have never, ever had one advisor say that TV Advertising was worth it. NEVER.


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