Social Networking 101 – Part 1

Social Networking 101
Enhance communication with clients and prospects.

(Part one of two)

Fast Facts …

90% … amount of the WWII generation who currently use Facebook. (

60% … amount of Americans who maintain a Facebook or social networking profile.

58% … amount of Facebook users with incomes over $60K.

One of the biggest impact social networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn can have is keeping your name front and center in the minds of your clients and prospects. Social networking is one more way to connect with potential clients, keep current relationships active, and generally stay in touch with people who may need your services.

Many advisors currently are not active users of social media sites because they are intimidated by the general guidelines imposed by FINRA and the more specific rules established by individual firms. However, as these sites become the norm for both personal and business communications, we will probably see an easing up of restrictions in the not too distant future. For, as top advisors know, the best way to retain lifelong clients is to keep the lines of communication open.

(Look for Part Two – The Action Plan – on Wednesday, November 3rd)


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