Social Networking 101 – Part 2

(Part two of two)
Enhance communication with clients and prospects.

Action Plan

1. Know your firm’s compliance guidelines with regard to social networking. There are ways to work within the established guidelines (such as keeping your online profiles personal), and limit discussions of business to face-to-face meetings, where interaction is more effective.

2. If you are able to use Facebook in a business capacity, keep the content professional. Adjust the privacy settings to ensure that no content is entered onto your page without your permission. (For example, you do not need to allow everyone access to write on your wall in Facebook.)

3. Never use social networking sites to sell your services. People are immediately turned off by this, even within business-based environments, such as LinkedIn.

4. Pay attention to your contacts’ status updates and posts to think of ways you might connect with them. A friend who posted that he or she just started a new job might appreciate your advice on an IRA rollover. An acquaintance involved in a job hunt might benefit from a resume, critique or introduction, and any help that you can provide helps you further your relationship.


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