Multiply your “A” clients with a simple question?

Can you multiply your “A” clients with a simple question?

If you’re marketing blindly to a wide audience, you may be wasting your marketing dollars (as well as your time). I’m sure I’ve said it a million times, but one of the biggest keys to success is figuring out who your ideal client is, and reaching out to them directly.

One of the ways to quickly and effectively multiply your number of ideal clients is to mine your current clients. If you’re doing what you should be doing (keeping in continual, worthwhile communication with your clients), you should have plenty of raving fans. Have you asked your raving fans to recommend you to others?

It may sound simple, but the fact is, many of your clients would love to recommend you – but just haven’t thought of it. And/or they may not know if that’s something you would like them to do.

“A” clients typically know others who could become your future “A” clients.


Take action: Send out a letter to your most valued clients. Let them know you would appreciate referrals. Send a few business cards along with the letter and request that they hold onto them … and then pass them along to someone if they feel that person may also benefit from your services.

You might be surprised how many ideal clients were one business card away!


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