Is LESS really MORE?

Are you doing too much?

These days, no one has time to read every bit of marketing they receive. That delete button is too handy. So, how can you make an impact?

Before we talk about how YOU market, let’s talk about how OTHERS market TO you. What works? Think about it. What kind of marketing emails do you delete, and which do you read? What types of brochures or mailers do you immediately trash, and which do you take a closer look at?


Think about it. The marketing that “works” on you is simple. It is clean, attractive (often in its simplicity) and it bears a clear, concise message. The pieces you immediately trash are likely …

* Too wordy (who wants to read all that?)
* Too confusing (what exactly ARE they selling?)

I, personally, have seen marketing pieces in which there is NO indication of what the marketer wants the consumer to know. None.  Talk about throwing away your marketing budget!

In order to get your message across, make it direct. Make it simple. Make it important. Say as little as possible while making your intention clear.

Remember – the magic ingredient in marketing is … FEWER INGREDIENTS!


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