Providing Outstanding Service to Every Client

A Conversation with Steve Berger, Advanced Advisor Group

Steve Berger’s practice is unique in that he focuses primarily on managing 403b accounts for individuals who work in an educational environment. Berger explains, “My clients range from first-year teachers who are only beginning to invest money toward their retirement, to school superintendents who are maxing out their contributions in anticipation of their retirement. Whether I am working with new investors or those who have substantial assets, I want to make sure that I provide an extremely high level of service to all of my clients.”

By utilizing the MarketingPro system (, he has been able to reach out to his clients on a regular basis. According to Berger, “The added value that I can bring to my clients’ lives through the articles that we send out is remarkable. For example, at the end of 2009, I sent out an article on tax tips. I probably got 50 responses from clients thanking me for sending the article, and explaining that they learned so much from reading it. I also got a great response from my holiday card campaign, so I know that that made an impact as well.”

Because of the nature of Berger’s business, some of his newer clients who are just beginning to invest may only be investing a small amount of money per paycheck. He says, “Sometimes financial professionals tend to ignore these types of clients, but that is not how I want to operate. I work with investors at all stages of their careers, and I can’t tell you how many times one of my beginning investors has referred me to their friends, neighbors or parents.”

Berger believes that being able to easily and efficiently stay in touch with his clients through email, their preferred method of communication, is a win-win situation. They really enjoy getting the material he sends them because it provides them with good information, no matter their level of investing knowledge, and it is simple for him to stay connected. “The advantage of MarketingLibrary is that everything is compliance-ready, and the marketing pieces are already written. So I’ve saved hours by being able to select material that is already created and pre-approved.”

In Berger’s words, “I got into this business because I really enjoy building relationships. I actually like working with people! So the ability to stay in touch so easily, and provide them valuable material through the newsletters and onsite content fits right in with my business model.”


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