Are you sabotaging your own email marketing?

Are your emails to clients and prospects filled with fancy graphics, animations, sounds or special effects? You may be wasting your time and money … not to mention diminishing the value of your own marketing.

Electronic marketing offers so many possibilities. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to do more, especially when we see websites and emails that make use of special effects. Avoid the temptation!

Leave the snazzy animations to the automobile and beverage companies.

When it comes to the Financial Services industry, the most effective marketing is clean and simple. The value of your message should be the message itself. Too often Advisors concentrate on the sizzle, and not the steak. While it’s perfectly acceptable to include your logo and/or basic color scheme for brand consistency, anything more is likely a monumental waste of your resources.

Skip the flashy effects (and DEFINITELY skip the music!) Instead, concentrate on providing clear, concise, valuable content and communication.


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