Business FAIL

Here are four common mistakes to avoid …

1) Only making contact when you have something to sell.
Don’t be a salesperson. Be an advisor. Create a relationship through meaningful contact that includes worthwhile information, holiday greetings, thank you notes, etc.

2) Hiding anything.
Be up-front, even with ugly truths. You’ll get more respect and earn more trust through straight-forwardness than you will through sugar-coating.

3) Trying to be an expert on everything.
Focus on your strengths. It’s better to know as much as you can in one area – and work with those clients – than it is to know only a little about every area. If you try to be everything to everyone, you’ll most likely fail (and possibly run yourself ragged in the process). Remember to focus!

4) Trying to look like someone you’re not.
If you’re a one man show, don’t try to look like a big corporation. If you’re a casual person, don’t wear a tux in your brochure photos. Be who you are and represent yourself as honestly as you can. Everything is a “plus” to someone, and those are the people you should want to work with.


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