When it comes to getting your name “out there” – what’s better? Showing it to a completely random selection of people just one time? Or showing it to carefully selected members of your target market over and over?

Yes, this is a no-brainer.

The problem is, some people seem to forget this simple concept when creating a marketing budget. Sure, you can spend big bucks on a billboard, and MAYBE it will make you feel really important, and MAYBE a few of your ideal clients will drive by, and MAYBE a few of those will notice it. But do you want to spend that kind of money on odds that aren’t much better than those of you winning the lottery?

Could it be that the better choice is to simply invest in some stamps for your “ideal clients”? By keeping in touch on an ongoing basis, you’re repeating your name to a targeted prospect again and again. Is everyone going to call you the first time you reach out? No. But when they’re ready to reach out, who are they going to call? A stranger on a billboard? Or the knowledgeable, friendly financial professional who kept in careful, thoughtful contact with them and felt they were worth the time and effort?

Remember … the most successful prospecting is ongoing. With big-budget, one-time ads you’re really flying blind. Even if your ideal client drives by your expensive billboard and takes notice, the likelihood of THAT being THE moment he decides to enlist the assistance of a financial professional is slim.

My recommendation is this – focus and persevere. Slow and steady still wins the race.


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