PLAN to succeed

When was the last time you sat down and developed a real marketing plan? Or do you just market here and there, as you think of it, when you get ideas?

Unfortunately, far too many Financial Professionals have no firm marketing plan in place. And those who do aren’t carefully reviewing the effectiveness of their plans (you should review quarterly, by the way).

Marketing here and there, when you have time, isn’t going to cut it. You should spend some time carefully developing a sensible LONG TERM plan … and you should stick with it.

Think of your clients. Would you advise them to buy and sell stocks, here and there, when they think of it? Or does it make more sense to lay out a long-term plan and stay the course?

Take your own advice. Develop a long-term plan for your marketing. A meaningful strategy. Stick to it. Review it periodically to see if any changes or modifications should be made to increase the effectiveness.

After all, no one should know better than you that careful, long-term plans yield the best results.


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