Financial Education for Children Five and Under

Ever heard someone say that a child’s brain is “like a sponge”? Studies have shown that starting early is the best way to help your child develop a firm, (and possibly life-long) grasp on just about anything – from foreign languages to musical instruments. But while I’ve seen “Teach Your Baby French” DVDs and there are plenty of music classes available all over the country, you don’t often come across programs to teach young children about the financial world.

Today, though, I learned of a new program developed by PNC Grow Up Great® and Sesame Workshop™. They’ve teamed up to develop a kit (guide, activity book, jar labels and even a new Elmo video) that aims to help introduce children five and under to the value and importance of money. I think it’s a fantastic idea.

The program is called “For Me, for You, for Later – First Steps to Spending, Sharing and Saving™” and may be downloaded for free from the PNC Grow Up Great® website.

To learn more or download the kit, visit:

To view the video, visit:


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