When financial news happens – RESPOND.

That’s what my company does, and that’s what you should do.

At times like these, fast and frequent communication with clients is critically important. Market turbulence is confusing enough, and the media can make it all the more confusing. Rash decisions are made at times like these, and are often regretted later.

Did you reach out to your clients about the debt deal? How about the market plunge(s)? The S&P downgrade? If their Financial Advisor doesn’t reach out to them, who will? Ongoing communication is vital. But dropping everything to communicate in times of chaos … that’s critical.

If you’re already subscribed to MarketingLibrary.net, there is content waiting for you that can help with this, including …

* A Time for Patience – Posted 8/8/11

* After The Downgrade – Posted 8/7/11

* A Mid-Year Correction – Posted 8/4/11

* Finally, A Debt Deal – Posted 8/1/11


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