Are you involved?

We all know that the marketing channels used 20 years ago aren’t working in today’s market. We also know that networking and personal referrals can account for some very positive growth within practices.

But where and how are you networking?

Getting “involved” (volunteering, joining a group, club or organization) can be vital to a positive outlook – great personal benefits. But networking within your involvements may also benefit your practice.

Now please read this loud and clear – I am certainly NOT suggesting you join an organization for the sole purpose of networking. It’s shady and irresponsible. What I am suggesting is that you consider your involvements as networking opportunities, if you haven’t already.

Networking within a group or club is a tricky thing. If you’ve recently joined an organization – do not try and network there (yet). In my experience, even the most well-intentioned who attempt to subtly self-promote will earn a bad reputation … IF they have not already built a solid, positive reputation.

However, if your involvement in a group is strong (you’ve been there for over a year, you’re active, you volunteer or take leadership roles), if you’ve “proven yourself”, then self-promotion (when appropriate) can fly. This doesn’t mean that at your one year anniversary you start handing out brochures, mind you. But if the opportunity arises (say, a fellow member mentions dissatisfaction with investments or confusion about retirement strategy), it’s absolutely appropriate to offer insight.


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