Are Financial Advisors failing the American public?

LinkedIn recently ran a poll titled “How often do you speak to your financial advisor?” The results are pretty astonishing … or perhaps not?

You can take a look at the results here …

Only an alarming 17% of those surveyed replied that they speak to their Advisor monthly or more. An overwhelming 63% replied that they don’t even have an Advisor. Consider, too, that of those surveyed … 36% were over the age of 45.

Obviously, this is a small survey representing a small portion of the population, but I think it speaks to a common issue … far too many Americans don’t currently have a Financial Advisor, and of those who do, far too many aren’t in regular contact with him/her.

Clearly there’s room for improvement here.

I’m interested to know …

  • How do you feel about the survey?
  • What do you do to attract new clients?
  • How / how often are you in touch with your current clients?

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