Creating a dedicated Marketing Plan

Meeting your clients’ needs is a year-round job, so keeping in regular contact and remaining a presence in their lives is important. They need to know that you’re thinking about their needs and available to call upon when it’s time to take action.

If you’re contacting your clients on a regular basis, it’s definitely a sign of respect. Your marketing plan can help you take care of and grow business through three major factors:

1. Balance – It can be tough to balance your regular duties at the best of times. Organizing your time in a coherent schedule can make the difference between “I should have done that” and “I did it.”

2. Significance – Prioritizing can help you decide where your energies are best focused. A careful look at desired outcomes weighed against your time and other resources can help you build an effective and useful plan.

3. Consistency – Being in the right place at the right time can be advantageous in many circumstances, especially in marketing. If you’re a regular part of your clients’ lives, they may be more likely to think about your services and seek you out.

While all three factors are equally important, the easiest one to mess up is “Consistency.” How many of your “best-laid plans” have gone awry because you’ve lost track of time or forgotten to follow through? Any plan requires the determination and ability to follow through, so make that duty an important part of your day.


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