When it comes to websites, content is still king.

When you’re thinking about where to dine, what matters more to you?
The most obvious signage? Or the best food?

The term “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) has been thrown around too much in the past few years, and far too many marketing dollars have been sacrificed to it. Now, I’m not saying there’s no place for good SEO strategy. For some businesses it’s vital. But in the Financial Service industry, your focus should be on the content you provide for your visitors, not on manipulating search engine rankings.

Smashing Magazine notes:
“Your primary objective should be better content, not higher rankings. […] you shouldn’t be optimizing for search engines, you should be optimizing for users.”

And as Yola notes:
“The main function of your website is to convey relevant content to your visitors and help them understand the problems that your products and/or services solve.”

Does this mean you have to author every word of your website yourself? No. We’re not all wordsmiths, so if you can find a reliable source that can provide compliant, relevant, well-written information on a regular basis, that’s okay.

KISSmetrics reveals: “I have never seen any evidence that non-original content hurts a site’s ranking.”

If you’re doing as you should – if you have a brand and you’re focusing on a particular type of client – then you should be concentrating on providing quality content of interest to your target audience. SEO should be far, far down on your list of priorities.

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