Your Facebook profile can outlive you

As social media became a major hub for contact around the world, an unforeseen situation came to light. What way, if any, was appropriate to memorialize a social media user who had passed away? Who should decide? Facebook’s latest answer to this came this week in the form of their new “Legacy Contact” policy.

A Legacy Contact is another Facebook user whom you can select, in advance, to “look after” your memorialized account in the event of your death. While they cannot log in to your account, remove or change items you’ve shared, read your messages, or remove friends, they are able to write a post pinned to your profile (a final message or other information for mourners), update your profile picture and cover photo, and respond to new friend requests.

Crucially, the Legacy Contact will be able to download a copy of what you’ve shared on Facebook, including posts and photos, a sort of digital journal of your thoughts and life on Social Media. I’m sure you can imagine how nice something like that would be for families and loved ones, not to mention being of interest to future generations.

Facebook has indicated that this new feature will likely change over time.

If, like me, you’re a Facebook user and interested in having a spouse, family member, or trusted friend assigned as your Legacy Contact, you may want to read more about the feature here.


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