Using Social Media in Troubled Times

Social Media is now a primary resource for information and communication. Most of us scroll through Twitter or Facebook all through the day. As a professional, though, how do you interact with the public when the topic on everyone’s lips is troubling or incredibly sad? Here are some guidelines to keep in mind…

Learn when to stay out of it. If people are having an intense public debate on a particular issue, common sense dictates that a professional has no place in that discussion, unless it has a direct and specific effect on his business.

A somber moment. What about when something unambiguously tragic happens? As a member of your community, it’s a good instinct to post a simple one-line expression.

In the moment. What if you are caught in the middle of an ongoing event? You’ll want to keep it simple; let folks know if everyone in your office is all right, and any changes to your business hours.

Work/Life Balance. Consider keeping a separate online presence for personal observations and interactions. Not everyone can strike that balance, though.

Social Media isn’t all-purpose. Greeting cards remain the best way to make these connections. A service like Marketing.Pro can take all of the busy work out of sending cards; they have a wide variety for a number of occasions.


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