The Art of the “Kaffeeklatsch”

In the original German, “kaffeeklatsch” means “to gossip over coffee.” In the American context, it can mean any informal social gathering where there is both coffee and conversation. It’s also a helpful tool for any professional looking to expand their contacts.

Here are some tips for making the kaffeeklatsch a success…

  • Choose a local business as opposed to a well-known chain.
  • Post your gathering on Make a point of joining other gatherings as well.
  • Don’t worry if you’re in a smaller area: A small classified ad still works, as do community bulletin boards, which can be found in community centers, libraries, grocery stores, and places of worship.
  • If “kaffeeklatsch” sounds too frightening, you don’t have to use the word… “Coffee Club” works just fine. “Dessert Club” sounds even better, if your budget extends to a few slices of pie.
  • While you can pick up the tab, there isn’t necessarily an obligation to do so; traditionally, the kaffeeklatsch is Dutch treat. Use your best judgment there.

Getting to know the people in your area is among the best of best practices; the insights you gain may serve you for years, all for the price of a cup of coffee.


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