Can Your Personal Facebook Account Be Effective for Business?

The short answer is a resounding “Yes.” People have used their personal, non-professional social media accounts to leverage a business advantage for years, even in the relatively stone-age days of Friendster and MySpace. So, if your Broker/Dealer is one of the many that have forbidden the use of Facebook for professional purposes, there may be circumstances under which you can still make your social media time productive without breaking the rules.

If you go this route, do your homework! Ask for your Broker/Dealer’s guidelines for Social Media Privacy and make sure you toe the line. For example, you’re probably going to be asked to keep a great deal of your professional information off of your personal profile. That may mean you can’t share the name of your company or Broker/Dealer, nor your profession or your contact information.

Thankfully, Facebook is designed more for personal communication rather than the professional, anyway. In other words, it’s less about “work” and more about “life.” You can share about your family, friends, travels, and other personal interests.

Obviously, you should use your discretion; common sense, regardless of your profession. This means avoiding religious or political matters, unless you are targeting that market. Inappropriate jokes are a big “No.” And don’t overwhelm people with your posting; if you’re averaging more than 3 posts in a 24 hour period, you might want to save something for the next time.

Most of all, keep it A.P.E. – Actionable, Pertinent, and Educational. This is simply good communication, but especially vital on social media; if you’re going to be boring, irrelevant, and pointless, why bother?

When you “friend” clients and prospects, keep in mind that you are using it to nurture relationships, more than develop business. Facebook is as much about “listening” as it is “broadcasting.” These people will be sharing about changes in their lives, both good and bad. This is valuable information and will assist you in cultivating relationships and nurturing prospects.

Social media is the most vital medium so far in the 21st Century. It touches every part of our lives in the way that only a new and vital technology can. We spend so much of our time there!  Make that time productive by discovering prospects and turning good clients into great clients.


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