LinkedIn Becomes A Go-To Recruitment Tool

Stephen Colbert used to make occasional jokes about ignoring LinkedIn requests. And it’s true, for a long time, people’s understanding of LinkedIn was rudimentary. But I am hearing more and more real evidence of LinkedIn becoming a go-to tool for major companies in search of talent.

LinkedIn is well-known as the preeminent social media experience for professionals. Not only will it allow you to create and build professional contacts, but it is becoming the new frontier in job recruitment. If you’re looking for reasons why government jobs numbers have been so great lately, there are two helpful developments you can point to: people are getting better at looking for jobs and jobs are getting better at looking for the right people.

You see, unlike other social media, your LinkedIn account serves as both a digital business card as well as a full resume. While individuals can make contacts in their area or from friend-of-a-friend connections like other social media platforms, many large corporations are spending thousands of dollars per quarter on recruitment tools to seek out and make contact with ideal candidates.

Why is this catching on? If you’ve ever hired someone, you know what it’s like to post job listings in the paper or online (you can do it on LinkedIn, as well). If twenty people reply, you’re lucky if one is even a real candidate. Historically, that problem has been compounded for larger companies. Another big problem, regardless of the size of the company, is that the best people for the job aren’t looking for you; the best people are already working.

LinkedIn recruitment tools act as an inexpensive alternative to the headhunters and staffing companies of old. With them, a company is able to search all of LinkedIn (not just a small social network) for suitable candidates. That includes people who are already employed, but might be tempted with the right offer.

What does this mean for you? You want a LinkedIn profile, you want to keep it updated, and you want to keep an eye on it. This goes if you are a green kid, fresh out of college, or an old hand with decades of experience; if the job fits you, you’re going to want to be in the shuffle.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t remind you that you can make a great impression on LinkedIn if, in addition to keeping your personal information updated, you are sharing interesting articles, blog posts, and news items. It shows that you are engaged in the world around you and full of ideas. Marketing.Pro offers robust social media content which can be used on LinkedIn.  It can be the difference between blending into the wallpaper and standing out in a crowded room.


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