What Do Millennials Want?

MarketingPro - What do Millenials Want

The mystery of how to direct your business to the so-called “millennials,” the first adults of the 21st century, continues. While every new generation means a new rulebook, finding the path is complicated by new technology and changing social attitudes. Here are three easy tips for attracting and maintaining a presence in their lives.

  1. Social Media without pandering: A number of large corporations, organizations, and even political campaigns make the mistake of thinking that using a few emojis or “dank memes” will attract younger customers. Just … don’t. When using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, focus on sharing news stories that are relevant to your business. The more concise you are about your relationship with this story, the better; good content will be shared and create openings for you with a wider range of prospects.
  2. Be relevant: This ties in with the previous tip, but bears mentioning on its own. You aren’t a novelty act; you don’t want to be the equivalent of the skateboarding grandpa or the rapping granny. What you are is a community member. Find out what younger people in your area are thinking about and what’s important to them. This goes beyond social media, though that should be part of your strategy. Web advertising is thwarted by ad blockers, but you can sponsor a school event and reach out directly to young parents. In a college town, you might set up a table in a student union, or at an event, and talk to people directly about your service (selling insurance, investing, you name it.)
  3. Customize, customize, customize: The biggest brands do it, and you can, too. Nike and Coke, to name but two, have made great strides in allowing their customers to create unique product experiences. Television used to be about antennae and cable boxes, now it’s about watching content on demand, from anywhere from the living room, to a hand-held device. Millennials don’t merely want a customizable experience: they expect it. This means that giving them a choice between product A and product B, or even several tiers of items isn’t going to pass muster. You must offer them as customizable a product as possible. It also bears considering that many of them need it. With student loan payments crushingly high, they may not think that they can afford your service; show them that’s not true.

Millennials may be mysterious to some, but getting a handle on the new paradigm is as simple as asking: What do they need? What matters to them? How do I demonstrate that I can provide for them?


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