Holiday Cards

Holiday Card

Holiday cards are likely on your to-do list for the coming months. You probably make several connections with your clients through the year, but next to sending them a birthday card, this is the big one. As such, remember that sending a holiday card is always a personal gesture, one done out of kindness and in good spirits. So get involved and make it a reflection of you and the relationship that you have with your clients and business connections.

Your clients will be receiving many cards during the season. How to stand out? Avoid loud or unduly garish colors. Choose an elegant design. Think about the holiday cards that you have pleasant memories of, and select the card or cards that best reflect those memories.

Messages should be professional, yet warm. Mention that you value their business, but don’t give them the notion that this is all you care about. Where is the line? Consider these messages:

  • “Wishing you the best for the holidays from…” and then your business name. It’s a classic greeting, and notes your professional connection.
  • “Another year as your [professional title] has come and gone. Looking forward to many more. Happy Holidays.” You may want to save this greeting for your longer-term clients.
  • “Season’s Greetings from the team at…” In some situations, you may be presenting a card from your entire office. This creates a warm and friendly connection.

Of course, you, or some of your recipients may prefer to mention a specific holiday in your card, such as Christmas or Hanukah. You know these people, so you know what’s appropriate. Keep in mind, too, that some prefer not to get holiday cards at all. If you know your clients well, you will know what will please them and what to avoid.

A holiday card is a personal gesture, and should always be treated as such. While not everyone expects a handwritten card from the professionals in their lives, it is definitely sends the right message. Services like Marketing.Pro allow you to personalize greeting cards with your own handwriting font, creating an affordable and time-saving (not to mention writer’s cramp-sparing) option for the cards you send to your clients and other business connections.

Also: Be sure to send your cards no later than ten business days before the holiday in question. The Winter Holidays create huge workloads for the U.S. Postal Service, so earlier is better. In fact, it isn’t unusual to be sending cards as early as the first week of December. This will allow your card to be among the first on the mantelpiece or strung up with ribbon, and won’t blend in with the many other cards that will be sent during the season.


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