Preparing Your Practice for 2017

Business strategy in 2017, 3d render, white background

It’s that time again. Getting ready for the New Year means creating a to-do list of what’s vital, considering new options, and reevaluating things that might not have worked so well in the previous year.

What’s vital? Staying in touch with your clients, cultivating opportunities to work with them, and helping them work toward achieving their goals.

  • Take a few hours (or an entire afternoon, if you need it) to personally go over your client list. Get help, if necessary, but don’t completely delegate the task. Make notes of any gaps in your knowledge – new spouses, new children, passings, separations, etc.
  • Make notes of other important changes, like new jobs, raises, retirements, or other career moments. It may be time for a Gold client to become a Platinum, or vice-versa.
  • If any gaps exist, or if you aren’t sure, make a point to find out before the new year begins. Sometimes that information is as simple as checking social media. In other cases, you may be overdue for a call or an email.

Consider New Options and Reevaluate. Not everything may have worked last year. Likewise, you might have new ideas that you’d like to explore.

  • Was this the year that you finally got involved with social media? How did it work out? If it didn’t go as well as you’d hoped, was it because your clients didn’t respond, or was it because you didn’t put in the time? There Social Media Automation can help – both with selecting interesting content, and getting it out in a timely manner. No more forgetting to post!
  • What about cards and letters? In the Internet age, we tend to do everything online, from paying bills to saying hello to mom. Because of that, physical mail has become even more special. Pleasant letters, articles, and greeting cards will make you stand out.
  • Is this the year to get additional marketing support? If you’re not ready to hire full-time help, you might want to consider a Virtual marketing assistant – someone who assists you for just a few hours each month, for a small monthly fee.

There are a number of services that help you with each of these tasks. MarketingPro (www.Marketing.Pro) offers great options for campaign automation – including direct mail, email, and even fully automated social media campaigns – as well as experienced Virtual Marketing Assistants. Call 866-254-6035 x 3 to learn more.


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