Summer-Themed Client Appreciation Events

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As The Lovin’ Spoonful once noted, “Despite the heat, it’ll be all right.” Why not take advantage of Summer in the City (or anywhere else) by offering your clients a cool, refreshing outing? Here are some hot ideas:

Concert Series
Does your city offer a summer concert series? It’s not unusual for well-known musicians to play these venues, which are sometimes free to the public. Adding a catered meal and a few blankets and lawn chairs for a picnic will make it an event to remember. If it’s an unticketed event and you expect a large crowd, call the organizers and ask if there is a way to reserve a section. Becoming a sponsor for such an event might be an additional bonus, perhaps giving you a prime reserved spot for you and your clients, as well as your name and/or logo on the advertising.

Get Out of Town!
Why not a day trip? Chartering a bus for a tour of local natural beauty (the coastline, forests, even the mountains) could be a fun adventure. You could provide a picnic, or arrange for a group lunch at a restaurant along the route.

Beat the Heat
In some parts of the country, the name of the game isn’t finding the sunshine, but cooling off from triple-digit weather. Outings to water parks can be fun, but such an event might inadvertently exclude seniors and other clients and family members with mobility issues. Many areas have large (air conditioned) riverboat cruises which can offer dining and other recreation.

Consult weather reports while planning – not just for when to go, but also where. For example, if you are based inland and experiencing scorching temperatures, this heat wave might be drawing cooler weather along the coastline. In that case, a day at the beach might be a great escape!

Here’s another quick tip: Wherever you go, bring some bottled water and sunscreen for your clients. Make it fun and safe, and give your clients something to remember.


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