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When it’s Time to Retire

March 15, 2018

RetireYou’ve worked hard for many years and its nearly time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Retirement! Some people talk about it all the time and others insist that they will never leave work, but too few people talk about what their plans actually are. I don’t mean saving money – I’m fairly certain you’ve done that. I’m also not talking about the trips you’re planning or the pastimes you hope to catch up on. I’m talking about what you’re leaving behind at work.

Some people talk about it all the time
and others insist that they will never leave work

Where do your clients go? Have you given any thought to who will be taking on your clients? Are you handing them all to a junior partner or another colleague? Not so fast – unless you are incredibly specialized, your client list isn’t “one size fits all.” It may be wise to divide your client list into different groups and consider which of your peers is best suited to handle the needs of each. Have a few different people in mind. Your clients will appreciate this extra care and attention.

Have you given any thought to who
will be taking on your clients?

What happens to your business? Maybe you are a small operation. Maybe you have a small staff. Regardless, you have some sort of entity that you are moving on from. Is your business something that you can sell? Will that decision serve your clients? Perhaps you share your firm with other colleagues who might may wish to “buy you out.” Family businesses have their own unique considerations; are your relatives ready to take on what you’re leaving behind? Whatever your situation, think carefully about how your business survives this transition – assuming that it continues after your retirement, at all.

Family businesses have their own unique
considerations; are your relatives ready to
take on what you’re leaving behind?

Are you really looking to stop working entirely? Or do you just want to scale things back? There’s no harm in simply reducing the hours that you work. Yes, you might want to either transfer some of your clients, or find someone to relieve you of some of your responsibilities. But you might also want to keep a hand in the game in order to maintain your income or just remain active. Whatever your reason, making that extra time can be done in whatever way suits your needs.

Retirement takes many forms. Like a sculptor looks at a block of marble or a mound of clay and produces a work of art, so must you look at your professional life and decide how to transform it into your retirement. It bears careful consideration and planning so that you may fully enjoy the result.


Five Great Client Appreciation Events

October 7, 2013

Client Appreciation Events may seem like a no-brainer, but experienced professionals know that they are effective tools for keeping your name on the tip of a client’s tongue. Keep these five great event ideas in mind, or perhaps they’ll help to spark some creative ideas of your own.

The Holiday Party
Whether it’s dinner in the private room of a fine restaurant or hors d’oeuvres and music in a hotel ballroom, the holidays are a fine time to show your clients your appreciation for their business. Small party favors and/or games may keep things lively. Don’t forget how important scheduling is this time of year; hold the event early in December, so as not to conflict with travel plans. If your clients have visiting relatives, invite them as well! Keep in mind that December isn’t the only month of the year associated with celebration. An Independence Day barbecue under local fireworks can be a memorable and relatively simple event for your clients and their families.

The Retirement Party
It’s an exciting time that your clients have been working for their entire professional lives, and something you’ve likely had a big part in securing for them. If they are already being feted with a big party by their colleagues, get creative with options like a golf trip or a wine tour. If appropriate, throw an annual celebration with your retiring clients as the guests of honor, and invite all your clients to attend. Inviting your other clients and prospects to such an event can put them in a mind to talk about their own retirement options.

The Anniversary Party
If you’re looking at the calendar and realizing that you’ve been in business for a while, it may be time to consider an anniversary party. Reminding your clients that you’ve been on the job, helping people for a long time will remind them that you are here to stay, and that you’re going to be around to help them, their friends, and their families. 25 year, 20 year, 15 year, 10 year … even the first anniversary of being in business can be cause for celebration.

The Educational Event
Such an event should not be combined with any of the above, but you still want to make it a fun and engaging time for your clients. A lecture and a few sandwiches probably won’t cut it. Fine dining in a comfortable atmosphere, or, if you have the resources, a weekend getaway can give your clients time to relax before they direct their full attention to your informative and worthwhile seminar. Mixing business with pleasure is the proverbial spoonful of sugar.

The Sports Event
Few Americans live more than a few hours from a stadium where professional sports are played, and even people who don’t follow sports are known to enjoy the thrill and excitement of a live game. Don’t forget that many cities also have minor league baseball teams; a summer day at the ballpark can be fun and surprisingly affordable when you’re entertaining clients with young children.

There are many different routes a Client Appreciation Event can take, and just reading through these suggestions may have inspired ideas specific to your area and your own clientele. As I said, get creative and make these events count!