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Password Managers

July 20, 2015

In working on Marketing.Pro’s newest LinkedIn campaign feature, we’ve discovered that more than 60% of the subscribers in the group didn’t have their own login information. It’s a common problem, and not surprising when you consider that the best security practice is to have complicated passwords for each and every website or application. In June of this year, PC Magazine noted “The only way to keep your secure website logins safe is to use a strong password for each and never use the same one twice. And the only way to manage that task is to use a password manager.”1

Now, it’s true that you could keep track of them on paper, but there’s no getting around how insecure that is… not to mention inconvenient, if you happen to lose the paper. Having the same password for everything is a bad idea; if a hacker figures out one, he’s figured out all of them.

Password managers are secure and take all of the thinking and memory out of maintaining all of your passwords. Many can fill forms and even generate passwords for you, for extra security. They have the potential to save you and your staff hours of frustration, and keep your business’ vital information out of harm’s way.

In doing some research for this piece, I came across two great articles on password managers, outlining different brands and their benefits, differences, and prices. The first one I want to share is the article that produced that great quote above, from Neil J. Rubenking at PC Magazine.

The other piece comes from Alan Henry at Life Hacker, providing the 5 best password managers, as chosen by Life Hacker readers earlier this year.

The three brands mentioned in both articles are Dashlane, LastPass, and RoboForm, but take the time to inform your own decision; passwords are a reality of doing business using modern technology, so staying state-of-art with your security is one of the most serious decisions you can make!

Bottom line … Make the commitment now to keep your passwords in a safe, centralized location, and ALWAYS have access to them at a moment’s notice. This could save both you and your staff hours of frustration and wasted time in the future.

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