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Four Ways to Strengthen Your Client Relationships

November 16, 2017


We’re all looking for ways to turn client relationships into a lifetime of mutually beneficial business. For some, it seems to come naturally. But best practices require conscientious effort from the naturals as well as the newbies. While by no means a comprehensive list, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Accentuate the Positive
While it may sound corny, maintaining a positive attitude is incredibly helpful. Imagine you’re going to see your insurance agent. When do you go see them? When you buy a policy, when you make changes, and most importantly when you need to take advantage of that insurance. Not all of these are good days, so knowing that your relationship is with a positive person who builds a real connection with you is helpful. The same thing works in reverse, so keep it positive.

Build and Share Knowledge
If this seems like another no-brainer, you’re probably already on the right track. You have to know what you’re talking about and convey it correctly. This is more than just what you’re offering. Keeping up to date will not only help you serve clients better, it will also provide ways to stay ahead of the curve, and anticipate their needs.

On the Spot
When a client calls or emails you, respond as soon as you can. Be someone they feel they can turn to anytime, and show them you value their business by providing prompt replies. Become a presence in your clients’ lives, not just a voice on the phone or a person who returns emails. Do you Skype? That can help, if an in-person meeting isn’t possible or convenient for them. Be present and helpful, whenever possible.

Give It Time
If you think about your closest friends and confidants – maybe your spouse or partner – your connection took time to reach the point of trust. The same is true of your professional relationships. The thing to keep foremost in your mind is that the good work that you do will be the bedrock those relationships are built upon. Be the person that you would want to have working for yourself and, with a little patience, you can build lifelong client relationships.


Trust Me.

February 10, 2015

Every field benefits from establishing trust between the professional and the person (or people) to whom they provide service. This is especially true for Financial Professionals.

In October of last year, Jacquelyn Smith did a nice piece for Business Insider covering phrases you can use to build trust. You can read it in its entirety here.

Keeping in mind that you must be honest and match words with actions, here are a few of the phrases I think build the best bridge from “total stranger” to “trusted professional.”

“Thank you.”
Spend a week or two listening to how few people use this simple statement of gratitude. You have to mean it, though.

“What this means to you is…”
People need to understand the bottom line. Avoiding this will sound dishonest.

The unambiguous affirmative. No qualifiers. Nothing that says “maybe.” “Yes” is a magic word, especially when followed by a result.

“What do you think?”
Every time you speak with someone, it’s a conversation, not just a one-man pitch.

“The data shows…”
Information is power. Whenever possible, use data and science to back up what you are saying.

Remember, though, that step one in building trust is to be trustworthy. It’s easier to give proof of something that truly exists.