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Trust Me.

February 10, 2015

Every field benefits from establishing trust between the professional and the person (or people) to whom they provide service. This is especially true for Financial Professionals.

In October of last year, Jacquelyn Smith did a nice piece for Business Insider covering phrases you can use to build trust. You can read it in its entirety here.

Keeping in mind that you must be honest and match words with actions, here are a few of the phrases I think build the best bridge from “total stranger” to “trusted professional.”

“Thank you.”
Spend a week or two listening to how few people use this simple statement of gratitude. You have to mean it, though.

“What this means to you is…”
People need to understand the bottom line. Avoiding this will sound dishonest.

The unambiguous affirmative. No qualifiers. Nothing that says “maybe.” “Yes” is a magic word, especially when followed by a result.

“What do you think?”
Every time you speak with someone, it’s a conversation, not just a one-man pitch.

“The data shows…”
Information is power. Whenever possible, use data and science to back up what you are saying.

Remember, though, that step one in building trust is to be trustworthy. It’s easier to give proof of something that truly exists.